Selecting A Cutting Brazing Torch

cutting brazing torch

A cutting brazing torch is one of the most utilized tools in today’s mechanical world. Cutting and brazing are techniques used to cut and solder or to form metals at very high temperatures. Technically, cutting and brazing are often referred to as ’hot works’’ as they require extremely high temperatures. Plumbers, welders, and many other building and fabrication trades frequently use cutting and brazing tools.

The knowledge of how to use torches is essential in many professional fields. Knowing the correct type of cutting brazing torch as well as the fuel it uses and techniques of operation is of paramount importance.


Types Of Cutting Brazing Torches 

There are different types of cutting brazing torches available in the market. Most of them use oxy-fuel as their main source of fuel. In oxy-fuel, the fuel gas is used along with oxygen to cut or melt metals. You will have to choose a particular torch for a particular kind of work.

1. Propane (L.P.G) Torches: This is the most common type used by professionals as well as homeowners. These torches are not expensive and very easy to use. You can even upgrade the torch assembly to a higher-quality torch head that has interchangeable tips with a regulator to control the gas pressure.
Propane torches can reach temperatures up to 3623 F. It is suitable for joining copper plumbing pipes as well as fixtures and tubing.

2. Brazing Torches: Brazing is very similar to soldering, the difference is only that it needs a higher temperature as it uses a copper rod instead of solder. These torches are more complex and can use Mapp gas (Modified-form of Propane) or acetylene gas. It is specifically used to join copper to copper or brass to brass and in other instances, brass to copper. This technique forms a stronger joint than sweating with solder and it demands greater skill for a better outcome. It is generally used in high-pressure devices like a refrigerator or air conditioner.

3. Mapp-Gas Torches: This fuel type especially became famous because of its higher temperature characteristic and a strong ability to braze without mixing with oxygen. Just like the propane torch, this type of cutting brazing torch is also very simple to use but produces a higher temperature than Propane. It is also compatible with a new type of torch known as Turbo Torch.

4. Oxy-Acetylene Torches: These kinds of torches work by mixing pure oxygen with acetylene gas to produce very high temperatures that can reach up to 6000 F, sufficient to melt iron. Oxy-acetylene torches have very limited use in plumbing or any other household work. They produce the strongest joints possible, which is why their usage demands a great set of skills than any other fuel type does.



The above-mentioned information is just a small portion of a large variety present in the market. The most important thing to remember while choosing a cutting brazing torch is to select a torch that best suits your work. Needless to mention, they can be hazardous if you do not use them carefully, so always take protective measures to avoid any accidents.


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