Functions And Usage Of Propane Brazing Torch Kit

Propane Brazing Torch Kit

What Is A Propane Brazing Torch Kit?

A propane brazing torch kit is a device that uses propane gas as a fuel to join dissimilar metals. The propane gas combines with oxygen to provide a high-temperature flame that is ideal for joining different metals. There are many brands of these blowtorches in the market, including Bernzomatic TS8000 and the Red Dragon VT 3-30 C, which are among the best.


Functions Of Parts And Accessories

A propane brazing torch kit has several parts and accessories, which make the system safe and convenient. It usually consists of gas safety goggles, a nozzle, fuel flash arrestor, oxygen flash arrestor, oxygen regulator, and propane regulator. Gas safety goggles protect the eyes and their surroundings by preventing particulates emanating while the brazing process from striking and damaging the eye.

The nozzle is a metallic tube that directs the flow of the burning propane-oxygen mixture to the surfaces being joined. Its size controls the rate of flow of the gas. The nozzle type also determines the shape and size of the flame, thereby varying its intensity.

The fuel flash arrestor prevents the reverse flow of propane gas in the supply line which can lead to an explosion. Similarly, the oxygen flash arrestor prevents the flashback of oxygen within the hose.

The propane regulator is a gas flow regulating the device. It adjusts the pressure of the propane in the hose. In the same way, the oxygen regulator controls the flow of a gas in the supply line.


Lighting The Torch

The first step of using a propane brazing torch kit is lighting the torch. The process might seem intimidating at first. However, with practice, it becomes easy. Firstly, turn the propane pressure regulator to set its working pressure. Secondly, open the propane cylinder slowly to half turn. Thirdly, adjust the propane needle to working pressure and then close it.

Follow the same procedure for the oxygen cylinder. Check the entire system for leaks, and if there are none, light up the torch using a spark igniter. Finally, slowly open the oxygen valve until the desired oxygen-propane ratio is attained.

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Using A Propane Brazing Torch Kit To Braze

The metals to be brazed need to be thoroughly cleaned before the process begins. Use sandpaper or steel wool to remove the oxide layer, acetone to clear oil or grease, and soap and water to remove dirt from the metal surfaces. Rinse the metal surfaces with water.

After the metal pieces have dried, put them on a fireproof surface that is far from any flammable substances. Secure the two parts using a vice so that they do not move during brazing. Using the propane torch, heat the two metals that you plan to join until they reach optimum temperature. Apply brazing wire to the joint and heat it until it melts into the seam. The two metals will be firmly joined once they cool to room temperature.


Switching Off The Torch

The first step in switching off the propane brazing torch kit is closing the propane needle valve, then the oxygen one. The second step is closing the propane and oxygen cylinder valves. Finally, both the propane and oxygen needle valves are opened to release the residual gases within the hoses.


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