Gas Brazing Torch: Soldering Solid Joints

gas brazing torch

Gas brazing torch is primarily used in functions like melting, heating, and soldering. Furthermore, there are about four major gases used for the purpose of brazing, and these gases are commonly used with oxygen for this purpose.

They are:

  • Acetylene
  • Propane
  • Natural gas
  • MAPP gas


Most of the time, the gas brazing torch is used with these gases for the purpose of brazing. Generally, brazing is used where there is a need to join two or more metals by melting and flowing metal into the joint.


The brazing torch is commonly used in the refrigeration industry as a part of their daily work. The torch functions like a portable gas torch or a lighter.


Other functions include:

  • Electronic or telephone installation
  • Cooking
  • Wire soldering
  • Wood graining
  • Plumbing
  • Thawing frozen locks
  • Home applications, and industry applications


A gas brazing torch uses gas to heat workpieces near the joint. The torch can be used to braze the same metal or different metals. Compared to welding, the process of brazing is much more useful and powerful and drives stable results.



The Usage

As mentioned earlier, the gas brazing torch is used in various industries for multiple applications. From household plumbing to a kitchen and electrical, motor applications, etc., a torch is an ideal option for such applications.

As an industrial practice, the brazing torches have a dual ignition mode – manual and automatic. Portable gas brazing torches used manual ignition and are commonly used in homes and workshops.


On the other side, the automatic ignition brazing torches are used for works such as loosening frozen as well as rusted or stubborn nuts and bolts. There are automatic ignition gas torches also available in the market. Mostly, they are portable in size for a comfortable grip.


The Construction

Most of the gas brazing torches are made of nickel-plated brass for long life and low-cost maintenance.

The brazing torch can be used in heavy brazing or delicate work. The torch provides a wide range of flames to be used in multiple applications.


The Types

The gas brazing torch is available in different sizes for different functions.

Here are different types:

  • Hand-trigger MAPP gas-torch for welding
  • Gas torch for outdoor camping
  • Brass acetylene-propane gas-handle heating torch
  • Outdoor BBQ gas-torch
  • Welding gas gun-torch
  • Portable gas-cutting torch
  • Butane gas-torch



Gas brazing torch is used for different applications with different sizes, specifications, and gas combinations. The brazing torch is fairly affordable and easy to operate.

They are manufactured to function with different gases. For example, a torch can be used with both acetylene and propane by changing the nozzle of the torch.


The most common application where the brazing torch is utilized is cooking. Roasting pudding and BBQ are the two most common kitchen areas where the gas brazing torch is used.


The torch can be used to make small ornaments, jewelry cutting and processing, and other household needs. Compared to other industrial brazing torches, the gas brazing torch is more reliable in terms of cost, safety, convenience, and maintenance.


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