Cutting Metals Made Easy With Bernzomatic Brazing Torch

bernzomatic brazing torch

A bernzomatic brazing torch is a trending tool nowadays. Saying that it is especially popular among people who are into welding, brazing, and cutting through thin metals. What differentiates it from its peers is its high-intensity precision flame which makes cutting through metals easier and quicker.

it has an oxygen/MAP-Pro hand-torch in its brazing torch-kit which offers precise and superior heat outputs. Bernzomatic is an exceptional kind of brazing torch with its unique features giving it a due advantage over other popular brazing torches out there.

The torch is especially ideal for use when you are working in tight spots or when you’re doing lots of bodywork. Read on to find out what it has to offer.


Features That Make Bernzomatic Brazing Torch Awesome

Kit Torch: Bernzomatic blazing-forch kit includes head, 1.4-oz. oxygen-filled cylinder, cylinder stand, and 14.1-02. MAP-Pro-filled-cylinder. You also get five welding & brazing rods (two copper-phosphorous rods, two steel-rods and one bronze-rod), and a spark lighter.

Acetylene regulator: The torch also comes with a premium acetylene-regulator with a maximum of 23MPa pressure worth of gas inlet and a maximum pressure of 0.1MPa worth of gas outlet. Lastly, there is a maximum flow of 5 mVh.

Independent fuel & oxygen controls: The possession of its own independent fuel and oxygen controls easily allows it to intensify flame for certain applications and even extinguish when finished.

Brass construction: Another feature that differentiates bernzomatic blazing torch from other brazing torches is its durability. It is made possible by the brass coating used in constructing it.

Comfort grip: The blazing torch also possesses a well-designed grip that makes handling comfortable and firm.

High-intensity precision-plame: The torch also has a high-intensity precision-flame that provides superior heat output for welding as well as brazing. In addition, cutting thin metal that is not designed for plumbing work.

Oxygen regulator: Another unique feature of this blazing torch is its oxygen regulator it has a maximum gas-inlet of 23 MPa and a maximum pressure gas-outlet of 1 MPa with a total maximum flow of 20 m.

Manual start: The blazing torch is designed to start manually. One thing to remember about this blazing torch is that it requires adequate oxygen for proper function.


Choosing The Best Product

The bernzomatic blazing torch is especially known for its strength and durability, which explains why it has become a favorite among many welders and joiners today.

With the torch, you are ensured of maximum performance and stability that you hardly find in other notable blazing torches out there.

Quick recovery time is yet another one of its notable selling points. Last but not least, the lightweight in which it is designed aids in carriage and storage.



Evidently, the bernzomatic blazing torch is your go-to blazing torch for all your welding as well as cutting and brazing work. If you need a torch that will truly offer great value for money, and still remain as effective as it was the first time you purchased it, the bernzomatic blazing torch is your best bet.

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