Cutting Metals Made Easy With Bernzomatic Brazing Torch

bernzomatic brazing torch

A bernzomatic brazing torch is a must-have tool for welding, brazing, and cutting through thick and thin metal sheets. A welder’s toolbox is incomplete without a high-quality and efficient Bernzomatic brazing torch. The bernzomatic torches are actually just propane torches.


They use hydrocarbons, such as propane to produce high-intensity flames. The high-intensity flame is very precise and makes the cutting process quicker and tireless. Moreover, propane is an inexpensive fuel and is highly effective for welding, soldering, and brazing various kinds of metals.


What’s A Bernzomatic Brazing Torch Kit?

A bernzomatic kit usually contains a torch, cord, or hose attached to the fuel cylinders, fuel cylinders, and oxygen supplying cylinders. Though the torch can work well even without oxygen, the oxygen is efficient in enhancing the heating temperature.

cutting brazing torch

The kit also includes some accessories such as the cylinder stand, spark lighter, and 6 additional brazing rods. Due to its efficient working mechanism, the bernzomatic brazing torch stands out among ordinary brazing torches.


Specifications Of A Bernzomatic Brazing Torch

The torch comes with two types of start-and-stop mechanisms; an automatic and a manual one. The ease of the start and stop feature makes it handy and easy to ignite and extinguish the flame. The flame knob also enables you to switch between applications with great ease.


The heat output is enhanced by ultra-swirl flame. The flame is adjustable for precise cutting of surfaces with variable thickness. The ultra flame allows efficient brazing, welding, soldering, and heat treatment of metal surfaces with a large diameter.


The torch also posses additional controls for controlling oxygen and fuel cylinders. This makes it a lot easier for you to handle them. If you are looking for a one-time investment and lifelong usage, the bernzomatic brazing torch won’t disappoint you. The torch tube is resistant to heat and is made of brass to withstand adverse working conditions.

The torch also features a strong grip with a full hand resting design. This is a feature worth being mentioned since not all brazing torch companies consider such minor details. The adjustable grip makes it user-friendly and reduces the risks of accidents.


The company has advertised the torch to work with the same flame consistency even when inverted or tilted. This is made possible by the pressure regulation feature installed in the torch.

The oxygen regulator is designed to regulate the gas between 23 Mpa of inlet and a maximum of 1Mpa of output with a flame length of 20m. The very high output and a low input are the keys to a high-intensity flame.


How To Buy A Bernzomatic Brazing Torch?

When buying a bernzomatic brazing torch, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • Type of material you are dealing
  • The intensity and fame length of the torch
  • The material of the torch tube
  • The material of the overall build for durability
  • Portability
  • Requirement of accessories



Brazing torches are very handy and useful but it’s not a wise idea to be hasty when shopping for them. Passing your purchase through all these filters will help you choose the best bernzomatic brazing torch.


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